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Team SafeThink Target

Safety is not an adjunct program at Target. It’s not a separate category. It is, instead, integral to every decision we make—from the team we assemble to the building technologies we deploy to the schedules we put into place and manage with diligence and care.

Founded as a family-owned business, we remain adamantly family-oriented. We’re committed to ensuring that those who work for and with us return home safely each evening. Everyone associated with Target benefits from the safety knowledge and strategies we have put into place over the years. 

We rely on safety training, green security clearances, and in-depth third-party agency reviews to frame our approach. Our in-house safety officer oversees our projects, conducting training sessions, providing safety guidelines, and performing site visits. Our executive officers routinely tour our construction projects to reinforce our safety officer’s efforts. 

We erect perimeter safety barriers and those barriers remain intact. In fact, our field superintendents daily inspect such barriers and immediately repair breaches. We erect required ICRA barriers and keep them in immaculate shape over the course of the construction. We clearly define access routing—the entrances and exits for personnel, equipment, and materials. Even more, we provide safety cameras and patrolling security officers and carefully manage and monitor the delivery of equipment and materials (as well as removals).

Our team makes safety matter, because it does.

COVID-19 Action 

During the early onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Target had several active projects that were deemed “essential”. The majority of these projects were in the Health Care sector. Maintaining schedules, subcontractor participation and productive crew flow was a tremendous challenge but it was not our primary objective. 

Target’s primary objective will always be the health and safety of our project teams and those directly impacted by our construction site activities. Target’s Safety Committee and Executive Team quickly developed project specific plans that included CDC health and safety guideline compliance, site mitigation strategies, employee training and updates to our company wide policies and procedures. Our success can be measured by projects completed without pandemic related illnesses to any team members.

Jobsite Health and Safety Precaution Signage

Target provides new job-site and safety precautions regarding COVID-19 to all current and future jobs. We have all the proper equipment such as face masks to make sure our employees are following the protocol. We’ve placed signage on each of our job-sites as constant reminders for them to refer to while doing our jobs safely.

Incidents in 365 days = 0

Safety Experience Modification Rating 0.755