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Construction Management Services allow our clients to enjoy efficient supervision of all aspects of a project while maintaining control of costs and deliverables.

Project Design: Whether it’s an out-of-the-ground medical building or a renovation that repurposes existing retail space, every project starts out with an idea, a purpose and a budget. This is where Target Construction Management Services excels. From overseeing the quality of the drawings, interpreting the design details for budgetary and scheduling purposes, to planning and organizing drawing reviews.

Bidding/Awarding: During the bidding/pricing phase, issues or questions are documented and clarified to make sure all invitees to bid are adequately informed and prepared to provide responses that conform to project specifications and timing. The best-qualified subcontractors are selected and provided with detailed bid packages. Upon receipt of bids, Target’s estimating team will descope and evaluate the bids, and ultimately recommend and select the proposals.

Construction Oversight: Every aspect of the actual construction is managed for quality control, safety, scheduling and budget.

Project Delivery: We answer only to one authority – the owner who entrusted us with their vision and their expectations.

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