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Construction ManagementFrom Concept to Completion

Our Construction Management services provide our clients with the assurance that all aspects of their projects are being effectively supervised.

Project Design

In the Project Design phase, we carefully review the drawings, analyze the design details against budgetary and scheduling constraints, and manage drawing reviews. Our in-house architects and analysts are particularly adept at finding new solutions to existing challenges.

Bidding / Awarding

During the Bidding and Awarding phase, we descope and evaluate the bids and draw together an expert construction team.

Construction Oversight

During Construction, we are there, on the site, taking care of every material, every installation, every sub-contractor, every iteration of change—managing all the while for quality control, safety, scheduling, and budget.

Project Delivery

In the end, we answer only to one authority— the owner who entrusted us with their vision and expectations.

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