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Our Values

Target customers are the lifeblood of our company. We work to understand, and thoroughly satisfy, their building needs. Day in and day out, we seek to see the world through their eyes.

Our Mission

We deliver high-quality, cost effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting motivated, flexible, and focused teams. As a company we are “Building Relationships through the Power of People” and will continue to remain fair and true to our employees, clients, vendors and partners.

Our Vision

As a family business we recognize the power of community—the bonds that make us stronger in every aspect of our lives. When not engaged in client projects, we’re actively strengthening the fabric in our respective neighborhoods through a multitude of coaching, mentoring, and caregiving initiatives. This commitment to community is upheld by every Target employee. It is core to our culture. It is the bedrock of our foundation.

Quality Services Performed to the Highest Standards

Our commitment to safety

Target Building Construction puts safety at the forefront from pre-planning, to project execution, to project closeout. Our number one goal is for everyone to go home to their families at the end of the day.

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Kensington Bank Transforms into the group medical facility known as Esperanza Health Center. watch the story unfold

Check out what we've been up to

Our Project Manager, Ramsey Bickel is currently working on a project for one of our healthcare clients. Pictured above is a photo after demolition of a small portion of the fourth floor of what will become a new behavioral health space for our client in Philadelphia. Looking forward to seeing the dramatic transformations that are occurring throughout the basement, ground, fourth and seventh floors.

Layout, toptrack, hangers and spray fireproofing up next.

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We had this lovely water color of our headquarters done by a local artist. Stunning to say the least. Thank you Jeff! We love it.

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Department shout out! We want to give a special recognition to our Estimating Team.

The Estimating Department analyzes required documents, blueprints, and project plans to gain through understanding of the project. The benefits of having an estimation team is that everyone is carefully looking through variable job conditions, cost of materials, labor availability, direct job expenses and management costs together. An extra set of eyes on this always helps.

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