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Expand Your CareerWith Target

Are you looking to join the Target Team?

If you’re interested in building relationships through the power of people—and if you’re interested in joining a family culture—then Target is the place for you. Send your resume and employment-related inquiries to and we’ll tell you what positions are available. 

“Throughout my time at Target, what I really have grown to appreciate is the company’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of the construction process.”

Ben Strauch  |  Assistant Project Manager

“What I love most about Target is the group of people I work with. It’s a great culture to be a part of.”

Brianna DiPietro  |  Branding Director

“From the first day I started work here I felt I was welcomed into the Target family. Working here means you’re not just another employee, you’re part of the team.”

John Cellini  |  Superintendent

“My working experience with Target has been great. Target has always provided quality personnel to all their projects to make for a successful quality project with repeat customers.”

Tom Barzona |  Senior Project Estimator

“The culture/philosophy here at Target has allowed me to get back to what I’ve truly enjoy about construction…building great spaces.”

Dina Miller  |  Project Executive

“Target has been a great landing spot for me. I enjoy working with the staff at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.”

Earl Berry  |  Superintendent

“I feel the sky is the limit working for this company. The people they brought together as employees I look at as part of my family.”

Nathan Dennis  |  Vice President of Operations

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