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in the construction industry

To help us keep pace with the construction challenges of our time, we’ve used Building Information Modeling (BIM), a trademarked model-based program designed to facilitate more efficient planning, design, building, and building management, since 2014.

Our BIM capacity is now so entrenched that we’ve established a comprehensive BIM process that focuses on providing owners with a true three-dimensional, as-built model complete with facilities management data—while also ensuring that Target remains utterly current as the technology itself evolves.

We deploy our BIM throughout the coordination phase, the construction phase, and the as-built/facilities management phase, when the focus shifts to installed systems and the data facilities managers will need to operate the building once it is fully occupied. Additionally, through the use of BIM 360 Field as a management tool, we are implementing mobile technologies that allow the construction team to better manage documents, field reporting, material tracking, and safety. BIM 360 Field is a cloud-based, interactive platform that puts all construction documents in the hands of those who need them when they need them. Time spent walking back and forth from field office to jobsite is eliminated as well as the need to carry rolls of drawings, stacks of specification binders, submittals, and RFIs.

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