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Delivering Successful Projects ThroughPre-Construction

Our skilled professional staff realize that the decisions made at the beginning of a job have major impact on the success by the end of the job. We always plan to start off on the right foot. Target has a thorough process by tracking the details and holding all team members liable.

By using the most updated technology, the correct and most efficient technique and processes and having the most appropriate people we keep in mind three important aspects of the job: decrease project costs, preserve design intent and maintain the client’s overall goals.

We do this by going through our 10 items on our checklist in detail:

  1. Project Kick Off
  2. Budget Development & Cost Estimating
  3. Value Analysis/Engineering
  4. Cost Control
  5. Procurement Management
  6. Bid Packaging
  7. Scheduling
  8. Logistics Planning
  9. Constructability Review
  10. Safety Planning

Incidents in 365 days = 0

Safety Experience Modification Rating 0.778